The game looks and plays great

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The game looks and plays great

Příspěvek#1 » 21 úno 2019, 09:55

The end result still works. Even though I do miss the crazy freedom of ultra-fast pilot movement, what we see here is still much quicker than all its genre competitors, namely Blackout, the game that EA and Respawn have clearly set their sights on here. You can climb relatively high Buy Apex coins, you can slide down hills incredibly fast, you don’t take any fall damage. At least one class still has a grappling hook. The result is a faster paced kind of battle royale combat, albeit not nearly as fast as what Titanfall players are used to.

But it’s all just so smooth. The game looks and plays great, and one of Apex Legends’ most impressive achievements is that it’s launched without really any major technical issues despite not even having so much as a closed beta test before its surprise launch here. I have now played an alpha and two demos for Anthem and the game barely felt functional with how much it crashed. But after several hours of Apex Legends, the worst thing I ever saw was maybe, sometimes, the server disconnected after a match ended so I didn’t see my reward screen right away (it’s never crashed during a match, nor has the game itself crashed for any reason yet). In this day and age, that stands out.

As for the overall structure of Apex Legends, I think the class system easily could have come across like a gimmick, but I think it actually works really well and is one of the better aspects of the game. I enjoy nearly all the characters in the (somewhat limited) roster so far, who each have a unique playstyle in a way where it seems like a class-based BR is something Overwatch should have figured out how to do a while ago, as this is proof the concept can work really well.

I am not wild about the game being purely squad based, but that idea has grown on me over time, namely because there have been about a dozen different times that my teammates have had to revive my lackluster behind about 2-3 times a match, a match that would have been over instantly were I playing solo. And the way the class system works, you sort of need the other squad members to synergize, as it would be weird to just be playing as like, Apex Legends Items solo medic class or something. But I would not be surprised to see solos make its way to the game eventually.

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