Monk Mistweaver guide - 6.1. (BRF) by Terezka ENG - updated

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Monk Mistweaver guide - 6.1. (BRF) by Terezka ENG - updated

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1. Introduction
2. MW overall
3. Changes in WoD
4. Changes in 6.1
5. Shortcuts
6. Stat Priority in 6.1
7. BiS list
8. Enchants/Food/Flasks/Gems
9. Talents
10. Glyphs
11. "Rotation"
11.1 Priorities
11.2 Single-target rotation
11.3 AoE rotation
11.4 Fistweaving all around
12. My opinion on MW
13. F.A.Q.
14. Links
15. Update Log
16. The end

1. Introduction:

Welcome! Because I got contacted by surprisingly high amount of Mistweavers from Drak'Thul and X-realm since the beggining of this tier, I decided to ease up my work a little bit and put together the most transparent and understandable guide for either casual and mythic raiders I am capable of. Information will be added over time and I'll do my best to keep the guide updated as much as my schedule allows me to.

The truth is Mistweaver is currently pretty "unpopular" spec and there's not that much knowledge to draw from the internet, or there is, but it's not really as valuable. I'll try to point out some sources that are worth checking out besides my guide that could help you to improve on your own.

As probably many of you know, I ended current tier in guild Embody at 33rd place worldwide (1st at Drak'Thul of course) and joined famouse international guild Envy right after the kill. In the text beneath I will try to deliver you all the knowledge and tips I gathered over progression in this expansion so far. So... Let's begin!

2. MW overall:

MW is (as it has always been) healer with the highest raw HPS output, what makes him primary raid AoE healer. If you tried to find closest healer to MW, it would probably be restoration druid, but mechanically it's absolutely unique. Blizzard heard our lamentation and after really weak tier we had back in SoO they made us pretty much as useful as we were back in ToT.

3. Changes:

I am not really going to write about every little change that happened and hasn't affected our playstyle (removing, but I'll try to show you each painful loss and biggest boost we were given.

Removed ... ing-sphere - Most monks probably haven't even noticed, but from my point of view this is really big change that took away some "playmaking" capability from us.

Added - Spell that is ment to replace Healing Spheres, unfortunately it doesn't really work, we can hardly observe the amount of Spheres our mastery has spawned and it mostly serves as an "Oh, sh*t!" button.

Added - More in Stat Priority in 6.1

Reworked - It used to work way different. Once you popped it, your next Uplift would refresh duration of all active Renewing Mists you had. At the moment it "only" boosts your next Renewing Mist to have 2 charges more (not just 3, but 5 targets are affected then). This change was made because of several reasons - mainly it was addition of Pool of Mists talent that pretty much replaced former function of TFT. Last but not least you should now use it to boost your next Surging Mist without having to be scared of completely wrecking your AoE rotation for next 45 seconds.

Added ... ited-crane - Our new stance that replaced almost useless Fierce Tiger stance. More in Fistweaving all around

Moved DMG abilities - Under ... ited-crane. Biggest difference is that you need to switch your stance once you want to fistweave, what makes it less appealing.

Removed Snapshot - Maybe a little bit surprising, but except all the DPS classes being affected, we got hit a little bit too. However, due to TFT removal, we wouldn't be able to snapshot anymore anyways.

Removed - Very sad for our survival.

Several "perks" were added aswell, even though they do not really affect our performance that much compared to other classes. These are

- - Rolling/Torpedoing (is that even a thing?) is 25% faster.
- ... nscendence - Using Transcendence is now instant. Cooldown is also decreased by 35 sec.
- ... ewing-mist - Increases duration of Renewing Mist by 2 sec.
- ... ife-cocoon - Reduces CD of Life Cocoon by 20 sec.

+ A lot of minor changes that aren't worth talking about OR are included in some of the other chapters.

4. Changes in 6.1: - Instead of increasing our manapool by 20% it now increases our spirit by 10%. - Heals for 170% spellpower instead 121.5% spellpower. Also could be casted while channeling Soothing Mist and if so, it also heals the target we are channeling at. ... he-serpent - 50% stronger. - Damage increased by 51%. - Damage increased by 150% a healing increased by 41%. - Damage of detonation increased by 90%, healing of detonation increased by 70%, but HoT effect decreased by 39%.

But most important of all - doesn't return 4% mana per stack of, but we only get 3*(our unbuffed spirit).

These changes dramatically changed our stat priority, especially combined with haste being boosted by 10%. More in Stat Priority in 6.1.

5. Shortcuts:

RJW = Rushing Jade Wind (90 lvl talent)
HPS = Healing Per Second
AoE = Area of Effect
ToT = Throne of Thunder (Mists of Pandaria raid)
MW = Mistweaver (o'rly?)
TFT = Thunder Focus Tea
HoT = Healing over Time
GCD = Global Cooldown
SCK = Spinning Crane Kick
SoO = Siege of Orgrimmar (Mists of Pandaria raid)
BRF = Blackrock Foundry (second part of first tier in WoD)
GCD = Global cooldown

6. Stat Priority in 6.1:

As already mentioned in Changes in 6.1, our stat priority has changed dramatically. So far we were allowed to absolutely ignore spirit, most of us (including me) had no spirit gear at the beggining of BRF, what had to be fixed quickly before progression. After talking to famouse MW theorycrafter (and pretty much MW scientist) Geodew I decided to use his amazing calculation of our stat priority for my guide.

Static Spirit (to mana cap*, with RJW**): 2.45
Static Spirit (to mana cap*, with SCK**): 2.33
Intellect (690 legendary): 1.87
Intellect: 1.85
Spellpower: 1.68
Spirit procs (to mana cap*, with RJW**): 1.41
Haste (beyond mana cap*): 1.37
Spirit procs (to mana cap*, with SCK**): 1.34
Multistrike: 1.09
Crit (to Spirit mana cap*, with RJW**): 0.98
Crit (to Spirit mana cap*, with SCK**): 0.97
Versatility (4 healers): 0.91
Crit (beyond Spirit mana cap*, with RJW**): 0.85
Crit (beyond Spirit mana cap*, with SCK**): 0.85
Mastery (100% pickup rate): 0.63
Haste (to mana cap*, with RJW**): 0.61
Haste (to mana cap*, with SCK**): 0.60
Static Spirit (beyond mana cap*, with RJW**): 0.49
Static Spirit (beyond mana cap*, with SCK**): 0.47
Mastery (typical pickup rate): 0.34
Spirit procs (beyond mana cap*, with RJW**): 0.28
Spirit procs (beyond mana cap*, with SCK**): 0.27

* Mana cap definition: In this context, being exactly at the mana cap implies that one could freely spam the most expensive, effective spells for the current given situation for the entire fight without ever running out of mana until the end of the fight (i.e. end the fight with about 0 mana left including 0 Mana Tea stacks).

** “RJW” means you’re using as your T90 talent. “SCK” means you’re using ... hite-tiger or

Simplified version:

Static* Spirit (to mana cap breakpoint (TBD but very, very high)): 2.39
Intellect (with 690 legendary ring): 1.87
Intellect: 1.85
Spellpower: 1.68
Spirit procs (to mana cap breakpoint (TBD but very, very high)): 1.38
Multistrike: 1.09
Crit (to Spirit mana cap breakpoint): 0.98
Versatility: 0.91
Crit (beyond Spirit mana cap breakpoint): 0.85
Haste: 0.61
Static* Spirit (beyond breakpoint): 0.48
Mastery: 0.34
Spirit procs (beyond breakpoint): 0.28

*Static Spirit means Unbuffed Spirit = anything that’s not a proc.

What does that mean then? That it's most important for us to have gear with highest itemlevel possible, spirit at every possible piece and get rid of as much mastery and haste we can.

I owe a lot to Geodew for allowing me to use his work, for you interested in his World of Numbers, here's the link - ... st30896518 . After clicking it you will find out how he managed to calculate everything in detail. For all of you taking WoW seriously it's a MUST, because it really helps you to understand how minmaxing works in depth.


7. BiS list

Most of you probably know, but BiS means Best in Slot, which means the best possible gear you can get for each slot of your equipment.

Head - ... &bonus=567 - Set - Kromog
Neck - ... &bonus=567 - Kromog
Shoulder - ... &bonus=567 - Set - Operator Thogar
Back - ... &bonus=567 - Oregorger
Chest - ... &bonus=567 - Gruul
Wrist - ... dropped-by - Kromog
Hands - ... &bonus=567 - Set - The Iron Maidens
Waist - ... &bonus=567 - Operator Thogar
Legs - ... &bonus=567 - Set - The Blast Furnace
Feet - ... &bonus=567 - The Blast Furnace
Ring1 - ... &bonus=567 - Hanz'Gar and Franzok
Ring2 - ... eservation - Legendary quest chain
Trinket1 - ... &bonus=567 - Blackhand
Trinket2 - ... &bonus=567 - The Blast Furnace
Weapon - ... &bonus=567 - The Iron Maidens
Off-hand - ... &bonus=567 - Operator Thogar

As we can see, our offset is Chest, because it provides biggest boost compared to other 4set pieces.

Speaking about trinkets, you should always follow the rule that at least one of them is spirit, if really necessary, you should wear spirit trinkets in both slots, BUT it's really not necessary and will probably decrease your performance. After repeatedly testing I found out that combination of ... &bonus=567 and ... &bonus=567 works by far the best.

BiS list isn't 100% rule, because necessity of spirit may differ a little bit by playstyle, each fight or other circumstances that may affect your manaregen. However, this gear set is the most universal one can get.

8. Enchants/Food/Flasks/Gems:

Pretty much just following up our stat priority - we need everything for our main secondary stat = multistrike.

Gems: (+35 multistrike)/ ... e-taladite (+50 multistrike)

Enchants: ... ultistrike (+40 multistrike)/ ... ultistrike (+75 multistrike) ... ultistrike (+100 multistrike)/ ... ultistrike (+100 multistrike, +10% movement speed) ... ultistrike (+35 multistrike)/ ... ultistrike (+50 multistrike) ... -frostwolf (procs 500 multistrike for 5 sec.)

Food: - After feasting we get 100 multistrike. Problem is multistrike doesn't necessarily have to be our highest stat, so we just get some weaker stat instead. Solution is either getting our own food ( - 100 multistrike/ - 125 multistrike), or putting down everything with no multistrike before eating from

Flasks: ... lect-flask - +200 intellect/ ... lect-flask - +250 Intellect.

9. Talents:

L15 - Optional, only difference is that while using you've got to get (3 charges of + faster CD).

L30 - Situational, but in 99% of time is the best choice.

L45 - Optional, even though has been reworked, I cannot really approve it, statistically it decreases your manaregen compared to either or Your choice depends on your playstyle, while using your chi generation is about 7% higher than with, but I prefer, mainly because of the control it gives you in burst healing situation.

L60 - Optional, you mostly go with, but it really depends on raid's needs.

L75 - Optional, you NEVER use, but or depends on what type of damage prevails or what mechanic are you supposed to react to.

L90 - We should use pretty much every talent here, even though ... hite-tiger is least appealing. There is almost no value in him unless we're fistweaving, and even then it really isn't that great. Choice between and is quite simple - Torpedo costs no mana, so it should be used as a filler while raid takes low damage/we have nothing else to use. costs 20k mana (most expensive spell), but has very strong burst healing, so while raid is stacked and taking heavy damage it is totally priceless. In BRF we're going pretty much everywhere for

L100 - Even though all talents seem interesting, in raid environment is pretty much the only right choice. ... he-serpent is impractical (fixated on our statue) and healing output isn't worth talking about even after recent boost. is interesting option during fistweaving (more in Fistweaving all around), even though we can use it to it's full potential on a very few fights.


10. Glyphs:

Unlike other classes, MW has only one "must have" glyph - ... ewing-mist, that increases range of Renewing Mist by 20 yards.

Others worth our attention are

- Heals target we succesfully dispell by 4% of max HP. It's not as breath taking, but there's no reason to not have this glyph on fights we need to dispell at to add a little bit of extra healing for "free".

- ... h-of-death: Touch of Death costs no Chi, but it's cooldown is increased by 1,5 min to 3 min in total. It is really helpful in execution phase (under 10%) and there is again no reason to not add a little bit of extra DPS for our raid while not having to waste 3 Chi.

- ... thing-mist: After channeling Soothing Mist we get 60% speed bonus for each second we spent channeling. Counting in that Soothing Mist is our filled and that the buff uptime is naturally pretty high, it is an excellent glyph to increase our already huge mobility even more.

- We don't need to target Surging Mist in Spirited Crane stance, because it becomes a smart heal. More in Fistweaving all around.

- We have two charges of Detox, but each one recharges 4 seconds longer. Useful at Beastlord Darmac or mythic Blackhand, where we need to dispell a lot in short period of time and we have nothing to dispell for a long time afterwards, so we don't mind lenghtened cooldown at all.

- ... us-spheres: Upon falling under 25% HP, we spawn one healing sphere. May occur only once every 30 sec. Again useful when we have no other glyph to use to add a little bit of extra free healing.

There's a lot of glyphs we can use, but there's also some we SHOULDN'T

- We drink Mana Tea instantly (2 charges at once), but have 10 seconds CD each time we do. Long time ago very important and helpful glyph, but only because drinking Mana Tea took twice longer than now. Do me a favor and leave this glyph to PvP players, it wastes you a lot of GCDs to use this stupid thing.

+ All the other glyphs that may be considered wasted glyphslot (PvP glyphs, leveling glyphs...).


11. "Rotation":

Even though rotation isn't really correct word to label our actions, I cannot find a way to replace it, so let's just stick with it.

11.1 Priorities:

To maximise your efectivity you need to follow certain priorities you should ALWAYS follow, except the moment your GCD would save another raidmember.

- ALWAYS have your ... ent-statue placed correctly.

- Never throw away Chi. Even though this rule may seem a little bit too obvious, sometimes we are facing situation where it's difficult to properly manage our Chi. We still need to understand that Chi is the source of all our manaregen, so it's far better to throw it to evident overheal ( that heals almost nothing/preventive on tank), than just to keep Chi for too long, or even worse let our Chi overcap and throw it away. I call the technique of using excess Chi "The Chiflow". As you probably realised, it forces you to fluently use your spells even in moments when there's not really that much healing needed, but we're still given a little bit of extra time to prepare for upcoming intense situation later on.

- Use your on cooldown. Expel Harm is another cheap Chi generator, so it also helps our manaregen. It also may be the reason why we come really close to throwing our Chi away, just to produce enough Chi overall. It also helps us to build our Chi pool before phase we need to spam a lot.

- Keep on cooldown. It is very strict priority you need to follow, every second you have 2 charges of Chi Brew, you're wasting your Chi (and mana). Sometimes you could afford to have 2 charges of Chi Brew, because you know some heavy AoE is incoming in few seconds, but it's rather rare.

- Keep on cooldown. It is logical enough after all I already wrote about Chi Flow technique, but again - NEVER have more than 2 charges of your Renewing Mist in your pocket. Aswell as, this rule is one of the reasons we are forced to overheal once in a while. Still, having HoT on raid and spell on cooldown is far better than having 3 charges on it and just waiting for something to happen.


11.2 Single-target rotation:

Not so difficult itself, usually only thing we're supposed to do for healing one target for longer period of time (usually tank, we act the same for example while healing soakers at Ko'ragh, shrooms at Brackenspore...) is

- Channel
- Cast till you have 3 Chi
- Cast once you hit 3 Chi
- Repeat till your target needs healing no more.

Difficult thing about healing single-target properly is that you still need to follow already mentioned priorities, the problem is that you usually can't afford to stop channeling, so you need to prepare properly BEFORE switching to single. It means using and using at least 2 charges of It usually allows you to instantly the target you need even without using

You could also use (to double up effectivity of Surging Mist), or (to not keep 2 charges or to use Enveloping Mist faster) without ever having to stop channeling your

Last but not least - you do not rewrite your current, you just refresh it to max duration of 7,99 sec, which means you should use it on your current target at 1,99 sec (or less) duration without wasting any resource.

Our single-target rotation of course includes our only cooldown It is supposed to be our tank cooldown, but it usually doesn't work that great, especially compared to other healers cooldowns. You should use it anytime it saves someone's life. It mostly depends on your feeling for the game and on your ability to decide if it goes to waste or not than anything else.

11.3 AoE rotation:

Core spell for our massive AoE healing is It's effectivity is based on in terms how great amount of healing are we capable of doing by casting one Uplift, because Uplift simply heals every target we have Renewing Mist on. Logically we prepare for heavy raidwide AoE damage by having as many people affected by Renewing Mist as possible. Because it needs a lot of preparation to have enough HoTs off, timers are absolutely gamebreaking for Mistweaver to watch. However, we've got more spells to top the raid off during AoE

- Very important ability we're trying to keep off cooldown, but we do not use it in moments it would only overheal, because it doesn't provide us Chi nor Mana Tea. You've got to keep your eye on positioning while casting Chi Burst - you're usually supposed to hit at least whole melee group and tanks, but it's range is big enough to hit at least a few rangeds aswell. If you want to maximise your HPS, you should take advantage of it's damage aswell, because it procs

- Another talent, mostly a filler (as said before) when you have no Chi for Uplift and have no other abilities to use overall. You still want to follow "no-full-charges" rule to maximise your HPS. It is also great ability while raid is moving and it's biggest avantage is no mana cost. However, we stick with most of the time nowadays.

- Much more complicated and complex spell to use than ever before. It's HUGE manacost (20k) is balanced by great burst healing and generating one Chi. It scales well with itemlevel, works perfectly while raid is stacked. You've got to be very careful while spamming it, unless you want to find yourself with no mana after a short period of time.

- Almost useless spell, simply detonates all the Spheres made by your mastery, but very hard to track... Still worth trying to pop when something goes horribly wrong.

- (much) Weaker brother of, in critical situation when you've got nothing to use at all and have no way to generate Chi fast enough, this is the filler. Yet when we play well enough and plan for longer period of time, we're never forced to use it.

During AoE rotation it's not as complicated to follow priorities, because most of the time it's all about generating enough Chi and spend it for On the other hand we've got to think about our manapool carefully, especially while having Chi is our main resource for both rotations so it's kinda slow to switch from Single-Target to AoE (and vice versa), so once again - you NEED to plan. Being primary an AoE healer doesn't mean you're not supposed to single-target heal, as a healer you always need to adapt to current circumstances. Also keep in mind that simpliest way to generate Chi when you're missing some for your is fast

Raid heal cooldown for MW is, at the moment once again amazing CD, that really "revives" the raid, but sometimes works both ways. It's effectivity depends on your reflex and ability to read the game. Usually you'll be given exact moment to use it, however if you want to use it to it's full potential, you need to let your raid drop as much as you can. Explaining why few of your raidmembers died to your officer is priceless.


11.4 Fistweaving all around:

What's fistweaving, huh? It is opportunity to deal certain amount of healing while doing DPS thanks to Currently we only can fistweave in ... ited-crane, where all our DPS abilities were moved aswell. Blizzard did great job in balancing HPS and DPS output, but it's not really part of our usual healing like used to be for priest back in SoO. Most of the time you've got too much work healing "normally" instead of doing DMG, but there's still some windows that could be used (opener...). Most important fact about fistweaving is that it's very mana efficient, so it should serve to help building up some extra pool at the beggining of encounter.

If you want to fistweave properly, you also need to choose your talents and glyphs properly. We'll see how to act based on talent choice below

Max DPS fistweave (standard healing talents):

Fistweaving includes quite simple rotation. It looks like this

- or on CD to build up Chi pool before pull

- Switch to ... ited-crane about 5 seconds before pull

- 1-2 sec before pulling prepot ( ... ect-potion)

- (30% armor penetration buff -

- (20% critical strike buff -

- Spam for all the Chi we have (at least 1 remaining now) if there's no Chi remaining, use, use Rising Sun kick, during GCD use both (if we use, we simply stack Chi with Jab), spam Rising Sun Kick

- If there's no Chi and we have more than one charge of (due proc), use ... -lightning to cap your Chi and spam out all the Rising Sun Kicks you can before refreshing Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick buffs

- Keep 100% uptime of and in this order, because Blackout Kick provides only 20 sec buff while Tiger Palm refreshes till 25 sec

- Keep spamming all the charges of

- If there's no charge of, generate Chi with Jab (Crackling Jade Lightning costs too much mana and we would have to stop our DPS to drink, and spend it for Blackout Kick. If you're under 70% HP, use Expel Harm instead Jab, because it deals more DMG and costs less than Jab.

You should NEVER forget having your ... ent-statue up during fistweaving (aswell as while healing "normally").

We ignore AoE, except using, using is generally a waste. ... ited-crane also provides Fistweaver a passive, that allows him to stack (reduction of mana cost and casting speed of next Surging Mist by 20%) for each Chi spent (= instang Surging Mist at 5 stacks). You always want to cast Surging Mist at 5 stacks, especially while having 4set that provides 2 Chi for each 5 Vital Mists stacks spent, what makes it great Chi generator itself.

Max HPS fistweave (= fistweaving throughout whole encounter, without ever switching to Wise Serpent stance)

As I said before, during fistweaving like this you cannot simply switch back to "normal healing", because you need to adapt your talents appropriately. There's only a few fights we could afford fistweaving like this, ones worth mentioning are The Butcher and Gruul, sometimes maybe Flamebender Ka'graz or Kromog. Biggest difference is you need to go for talent that simply replaces our and becomes our main healing ability. Logically we lose while doing so, that's the reason we do not want to switch back to Wise Serpent.

It means while HPS fistweaving we just replace by in DPS fistweave. You simply want to spam as many Chi Explosions while having 100% uptime of and (20% DMG taken debuff on enemy target) to maximise your healing output. Most of the time we also go for ... hite-tiger instead of RJW, because in Spirited Crane stance it provides no healing, so it's basically just wasted talent.

You need to remember that fistweaving Mistweaver acts more like DPS, so our main goal is to achieve max uptime at boss. However you still need to watch for raid frames and use and if necessary.

During fistweaving is superior talent, because we want the extra 7% Chi provided compared to and we do not really need to prepare for something as much, because we want to spam no matter what.

12. My opinion on MW:

As an author of this guide I feel obligated to tell you my opinion on MW's current and future situation in this expansion

As I said at the beggining, it's true and nothing but the truth that WoD helped us to get back on the "useful healers" list, on the other hand you, that already tried healing after recent itemlevel boost for BRF items with at least few mythic gear pieces, probably found out our scaling is (as usual) behind other heal specs. Even though I am probably the last person to foretell Mistweavers black future, let's see what one of the biggest WoW portals published according to the hotfix:


Without any hesitation it's pretty obvious that on presented sample (678-682) our HPS increase is much lower in comparation with other healers. Looking at lower ilvl samples difference isn't as obvious, but it of course grows at higher ilvl samples.

With current BiS gear we're SLIGHTLY behind other healers effectivity, even though in standard 1 Discipline priest 1 Holy paladin situation our HPS descends heavily. Important thing about recently said facts is that if this trend continues, we may get from progress to bench very, very fast (/wave SoO).

Before packing our Revival in let's say Blizzard surely plans LOTS of changes for next tier, so don't panic before we're fully familliar with them.

Overally my feeling about Mistweaver is that Blizzard is a little bit helpless about our balancing. The fact is we went thru most changes when it goes to mechanics, especially in last expansion (at least when talking about healers). Partially it's because Monk is relatively young class, partially because it's very complicated and each mechanic is connected in depth, so even the smallest change grows up huge in overall (similarly like Shadow priests). There's nothing left but hope in Blizzard to not let it's youngest child to drown like in MoP.

13. F.A.Q.:

Question: What's better for leveling, 2x1h or 2h?
Answer: Doesn't matter, but having 2 enchants is slightly better.

Question: Is revival better in Wise Serpent stance or Spirited Crane stance?
Answer: Doesn't matter that much, 20% healing bonus we have in Wise Serpent is well balanced by 20% extra crit we have in Spirited Crane stance. However, Revival needs to be used when it needs to be used, so deeper calculation is pointless.

Question: ...
Answer: ...

14. Links: are great for everyone, not just Mistweavers. ... zia/simple

My armory.

My wowprogress. ... st30896518

Once again link for Geodew's great work.

My stream.

My facebook page.

15. Update log:

10.1.2015 - Stylistic editation of text, update of Changes, added Enchants/Food/Flasks/Gems.
12.1.2015 - Translated to ENG, not perfect, but wanned to release ASAP.
30.1.2015 - Stylistic editation of text, added Changes in 6.1 and Priorities in 6.1, slight inaccuracies removed.
30-31.3.2015 - Updated for BRF, stylistic editation, added BiS list, added index, edited pictures.
1.4.2015 - Added wowhead links for precision.
3.4.2015 - Added My opinion on MW.

16. The End:

Thanks for reading my guide and I hope it brought you what you've been looking for. If not, do not hesitate to ask (preferably here in comments, so your question would help everybody else). If you noticed some inaccuracy, grammar errors or just anything you want to be fixed, point it out aswell. Everything I brought here was meant to help my fellow Mistweavers, but hopefully it also helps raidleaders to see the full potential of our amazing spec. If there was anything necessary you wanted me to contact with, you could find me at Kazzak under nickname Tereszia, or Drak'Thul under nickname Tereshia, or realid Angelius#2917.


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