It is not a thing plenty of fortnite materials

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It is not a thing plenty of fortnite materials

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My guess is that it's likely to serve some sort of gameplay feature, either as part of a limited time mode or only a
new toy to play in the conventional mode, though probably for a limited time.

Folks Keep Trying To Win Fortnite Without Weapons

The last man standing at the 100-person survival shooter wins it all. Most of the time, this takes a blend of gun ability,
fort-building finesse and approaches. It is not a thing plenty of fortnite materials people can brag about, but the men and women who are able to
brag about it desired to make it somewhat harder for themselves. For many years, players are attempting to match the biggest game around with no-weapons challenges. That means winning Fortnite without a shotguns, no grenades, no sniper rifles, nothing--just a pickax, that does minor damage, but is more of a tool than a weapon.

Fortnite YouTubers specifically are getting in on the no-weapons struggle with varying degrees of success. Back in January,
YouTuber Ali-A decided he'd attempt to win a match with only substances, buildables, protects, med children and bandages, he
explained in his video is"arguably the Cheap fortnite items hardest challenge from the game."

It's a pacifist run, essentially. His move at it was wild. He remained alive, however. With two players Ali-A barricaded himself in a brick fortress only a couple of meters outside the working area.

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