The Death Knight Thread

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The Death Knight Thread

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I'm really starting to get curious as to how a Death Knight will play. Y'know, I get the feeling it'll be somewhat of a middle-ground between a Retribution-spec paladin and an Arms-spec (or Fury-spec, if you're a dual-wielder DK) warrior meshed together with a rogue. I read that certain kinds of runes fuel certain kinds of abilities, and that X, Y and Z number of runes are required to use whatever ability, sort of like different numbers of rogue combo points differ the effect/increase the duration/increase the damage/whatever, and the fact they use mainly 1-hand and 2-hand bladed weapons and plate mail means they'd have high survivability and damage output, like a Retribution paladin, Rogue in Plate (Fury warrior) or Arms warrior. On an unrelated question, when WotLK comes out, what race are you gonna start a DK as?

Please help.

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