Gaming and Streaming, 7700k or Ryzen?

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Gaming and Streaming, 7700k or Ryzen?

Příspěvek#1 » 05 pro 2017, 07:12

Hello Guys,

I'm intending to get a new PC probably in June and am stumped whether to opt for a 7700k or one of the Ryzen processors to pair with a GTX 1070. I'm aware there are many threads regarding this debate but they usually lack evidence or does not answer my questions and hence I'm starting another thread regarding it. Stream using x264 (software) encoder to improve quality at 1080p 60fps using the recommended 3500kbps cap for non-partnered. With quality Animated Brand Explainer Video the message is well structured so that the script leads the viewer down a path to a call to action. With the recent twitch news regarding rolling out quality options to all users, I hope to increase the bitrate since my network supports it. I'm currently streaming at 780p60 3500kbps using AMD AMF on OBS and the output quality is really poor with blocky artifacts.


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