Respirators and landfill work.

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Respirators and landfill work.

Příspěvek#1 » 23 led 2019, 15:07

Hello fellow LEOs

I had a difficult day today at one of our local landfills. We had reason to believe that a murder weapon as at a landfill site (CCTV shows suspect dumping an object in garbage).

I discovered today some of the worst smells whilst digging through bags of two-week old rubbish, meat, dead animals and medical waste. We were well looked after by the upper echelons. Given full overalls, disposable paper respirator and a large supply of latex gloves.

I was pretty impressed with the respirator. Managed well and blocked the majority of the worst out.

My question is. Do any of you guys think it would be a wise investment to keep a good quality reusable respirator in your duty bag? Might come in handy with the odd smelly deceased.

Reference: ... s/the-landfill.143/
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