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How to accomplish Motion Graphics with graphic assets ??

Napsal: 15 pro 2017, 09:29
od JensenBreck

I am completely new to all of this and looking around for help. I see asked a LOT in the forums is how to accomplish Motion Graphics with graphic assets created in Designer/Photo. I leave the mechanical details of preparing the AD and AP files in the capable hands of Ronnie McBride. What I want to do in this space is present options OTHER than After Effects.I didn't include Blender here because I was strictly keeping it to Motion Graphics, not 3D...however, Blender is also an alternative that can be considered in this list. Although it's motion graphics solutions also tend to be node-based. I went through many resources and also animated Business Motion Graphics but did not find any solution for this issues. Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.